FreeTTS HelloWorld Demo

This demo provides a very simple example of how to use FreeTTS without requiring the Java Speech API.


To build this demo, merely type the following in a shell from any directory in the FreeTTS hierarchy:

Doing so will create bin/FreeTTSHelloWorld.jar under the top level directory. You can run the demo using java -jar (see "Running" below).


To run this demo, type the following command from a command window at the top level FreeTTS directory:

You will hear:

Specifying a Voice

By default, this application will use the "kevin16" voice that comes with the lib/cmu_us_kal.jar file. You can, however, specify a voice by passing the name of a voice as the first (and only) parameter on the command line:

(*) You must setup and install MBROLA before using MBROLA voices.

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