JSAPI MixedVoices Demo

The MixedVoice demo demonstrates how to use multiple voices and synthesizers in JSAPI. It also demonstrates how to change various synthesizer properties in JSAPI.

NOTE: To build and run this JSAPI demo, you must set up your environment to use JSAPI.


To build this demo, merely type the following in a shell from any directory in the FreeTTS hierarchy:

Doing so will create bin/MixedVoices.jar under the top level directory. You can run the demo using java -jar (see "Running" below).


To run this demo, type the following command from a command window at the top level FreeTTS directory:

You should see the following output and hear two people speaking playfully:

To see how the synthesizer properties change, append the string -showPropertyChanges to the command line:

To see JSAPI events, append the string -showEvents to the command line:

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