JSAPI Time Demo

This demo provides a simple example of using JSAPI to tell the time using the high quality FreeTTS cluster unit selection voice.

NOTE: To build and run this JSAPI demo, you must set up your environment to use JSAPI.


To build this demo, merely type the following in a shell from any directory in the FreeTTS hierarchy:

Doing so will create bin/JTime.jar under the top level directory. You can run the demo using java -jar (see "Running" below).


To run this demo, type the following command from a command window at the top level FreeTTS directory:

You should hear the current time and see the following prompt:

Enter the time in a format as follows:

You should hear "The time is now exactly twenty-five to one in the afternoon".

Click AU or WAV to listen to it.

Specifying a Voice

By default, this application will use the "alan" voice that comes with the lib/cmu_time_awb.jar file. As of this release, the "alan" voice is the only time voice that comes with FreeTTS.

We now have, however, the ability for you to create your own FreeTTS voices. See the FestVoxToFreeTTS documentation for creating your own voice. Once you create your own voice, place its jar file in the lib directory and specify the name of the voice as the first (and only) parameter on the command line (replace "myvoicename" with the name of your new voice):

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